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*If you have a question that is not answered here please email them to [email protected]

Do I need my child to attend all “ID Sessions”?

  • While it is not required to attend all ID Sessions we do encourage your child to attend as early as possible.  This will allow us/you to begin the evaluation process early to see if we are a good fit for each other.  The more we can see your child the better picture we will have as to where they will potentially fit with us.  Only seeing them once may not offer us a good enough idea of where they are.

What is your timeline for “Tryouts/ID Sessions”?

  • Id sessions happen towards the end of the season (May), building up to tryouts. All of them will be posted on the website and social media platforms when completed. Additional sessions after tryouts will only be added if necessary. Please check out website for information.

Which Hawks teams are looking for players?

  • Most of our current teams are looking to add players.  ID Sessions are the best time to inquire as rarely are players added to rosters during the year.

  • We have a few teams that are newly forming and are looking for groups of players.

What makes your Club different from others?

  • While there are many things that make the Hawks unique, in short our emphasis on consistent player developmental across all ages along with our employment of qualified coaches (educators) set us apart from many clubs. 

What is the Hawks development philosophy?

  • We are very child focused and many of our coaches are educators who understand coaching the child versus coaching the game.  From the earliest ages our players and parents understand that Hawks coaches will be developing players to play confidently and with purpose without the constant pressures of winning.  Our coaches focus on US Soccer guidelines for player development that coincide with a child’s biological and social/emotional development (dribbling and trying moves at our youngest ages versus a strong focus on passing).  It is vital that players are comfortable with the ball at a young age before they progress to more complex concepts. We understand our U8 teams may win more games by kicking the ball down the field without purpose as opposed to being able to dribble and attack their opponents by trying moves.  However, individual skills are vital to confident overall play as the child grows and develops. As our players progress they are able to build on skills and tactics which they have previously obtained

  • We believe in teaching our players each position and the responsibilities that each have to contribute to the “whole” team.  It is widely accepted that players should have exposure to all positions at the youngest ages and continue to play in multiple positions. We want our players to be comfortable playing all over the field and we feel that children deserve the opportunity to try playing everywhere regardless of their current skill set.  Our coaches believe that even if a player may be best suited to play in a defensive position, they should be afforded the opportunity to play as a forward as well. This concept again connects to our club’s vision regarding developing the whole player rather than just winning games.

How would you describe the culture of the Hawks?

  • The Hawks are very much like a family.  From our Director of Coaching and Player Development to our coaches, managers and players, we all share the same philosophy: developing the soccer player.  Inspiring a winning mentality.  Our coaches spend time creating fresh activities for training sessions, sharing documents and activities and coaching together to better address all player learning styles and needs.  Often our coaches will trade teams or coach games for each other in order to create a cohesive environment where players can learn from many coaches who bring their own specific strengths to our players.  Our players are always invited to attend other coach’s or team’s training sessions in order to add to their training schedule or to make up for a missed practice with their regular team. This is something that cannot be found with many other clubs.

Are all Hawks coaches certified?

  • All Hawks coaches are professionally certified, spend time shadowing other coaches and collaborate with each other regularly.  Coaches also routinely meet with the club’s Director of Coaching in order to create and sustain a more unified and consistent coaching approach for all Hawks teams.   This thorough process is vital to the Hawks coaching model of assuring that the values of all our coaches align with our development philosophy.

My child plays other sports and/or is a involved in other activities, can he/she play for the Hawks?  What happens if they need to miss a practice?

  • Of course! Most of our players are involved in a variety of other activities and we are very flexible with our families in regards to training sessions.  We understand that conflicts arise with school, work, illnesses or other activities and we are happy to have players attend a similarly aged team’s training session as a make up.  

My son or daughter is U7/U8 they are too young for “select soccer” right?

  • U8 is the ideal time to start training in an environment like ours.  Our kids at this age are developing such skill and confidence on the ball which will lay the groundwork for the rest of their development.  If they are not flourishing in their environment at this age, they will be behind other technically (dribbling, handling the ball) moving forward.

  • The term “select soccer” often carries a negative (serious) stigma.  We do take our development of young players seriously, but we do it through a light environment and lots of fun.  Whether your child is ready or not depends on them, if they like soccer, and want to play more than a few times a week then they are likely ready.  At the youngest ages we are not concerned with talent as we are going to develop them once we get them into our environment.

My child is young, why would I sign him/her up with the Hawks over playing in a recreational league?

  • We value qualified, knowledgeable and professional coaches.  Each Hawks team is coached by one or more professionally licensed and experienced coach who shares the common developmental theme of the club.  From a young age it is so important that kids learn to love the game and perform skills that are taught by a qualified coach in a positive learning environment.  Recreational leagues are sometimes cheaper than playing for the Hawks (based on total time to cost) but the quality of coaching received may be questionable. If your child does not have a quality coach at an early age - who makes the game fun - they are less likely to stay with the sport past a young age.   Children learn best in a safe, positive and encouraging environment - which all of our coaches pride themselves on creating for any age.

How many times a week will my child practice?

  • All of our select teams practice 2 nights a week for relatively 1 - 1 ½ hours per session (this is also age dependent).

  • The club also offers additional technical and GL training for players looking to do extra work. 

Where are practices held?

  • Training sessiona are held at Christian High School in O'fallon, MO. All team training sessions are held at Christian High School in O'Fallon, MO. 

I really want my son to play with a friend, will they be on the same team?

  • Friendships are very important to kids and lend themselves to a fun environment.  Certainly at our younger ages we try not to separate kids even if there is a discrepancy between skill and ability levels.   As our kids progress and grow older, it eventually becomes more appropriate to place kids on teams based on ability. This idea again ensures that we are placing each player in the most appropriate environment which ensures better player development.  

I am always seeing my daughter make errors in a game; why do I not hear you coaching her?

  • Our players, even at the youngest ages, need the opportunity to play without constant instruction.  Players are going to make mistakes, but that is how they learn. We do not want our coaches yelling out instructions from whistle to whistle nor do we want them to be causing a constant distraction to our players.  Not only does this not allow the players to make their own decisions but it can also make play tense, tight and unproductive. Players are different. Some will tolerate instructions and directives while on the field, some will respond better to being called over for a quick word while others respond best by being addressed at half time or after a game.  Allowing children to make mistakes and then correcting those mistakes at the appropriate time is one of the better ways to allow players to manage their own playing abilities and to also to accommodate their own individual social/emotional development.

How is the Junior Hawks Program different from the Hawks select teams?

  • Schedule - Our Junior Hawks Program includes two training sessions per week (one practice and one game) each at one hour in length.  Our select teams practice two times a week. Our selects teams also play in the SLYSA League which consists of 8 - 11 games which are usually played on the weekends.

  • Practices - The Juniors Program is focused on developing skills (primarily dribbling) through fun games.  Our young select team training sessions will be more focused on refining dribbling skills, learning and trying new moves, attacking 1v1, striking, and being a great teammate in a fun environment.  Our teams have a lot of fun, but we are not playing “sharks and minnows” type games as the main focus. Our coaches design training sessions to refine these techniques in a fun environment.

  • Coaches - The Junior Hawks program is a large group setting with many professionally certified club coaches and older select Hawks players.  Our select teams are coached by one and/or two certified coaches. ALL of our select team coaches are licensed through US Soccer and many of them hold advanced licenses.  The Hawks pride themselves on the quality of our coaches. We ensure that anyone who coaches with us is great with kids, knowledgeable of the game and believes in development over winning.  

Why don’t the Hawks take on more teams?

  • The Hawks are very much a quality over quantity club.  We are not concerned with having the most teams. We love the fact that our coaches all know each other and we provide a very family like environment - this is ultimately accomplished through quality coaches.    

What does it cost to play for the Hawks? 

  • Here is the link to the Club Documents on our website which will include costs for everything Fall, Winter and Spring (with the exception of uniform costs).  This is further explained in our “Fee” document.  This will explain our club’s All-Inclusive cost for the ENTIRE YEAR (August - May).  Our club does not “hide” fees or add on any additional costs throughout the season. We always suggest for any family looking to joining a soccer club to find out exact costs, fees and any other add on expenditures prior to joining. 

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