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I write as the parent of an athlete who has been with the club for 2 years, and getting ready to start the third. What drew us to this club? Having an elder daughter play club soccer and volleyball for 9 years before focusing purely on academics in high school and college, and the younger one also be part of two different clubs over 7 years, made us believe we had all the experience needed to pick the right place for her next season.


We grabbed a notepad, sharpened the pencils, and made the usual rounds of all the ‘decent’ clubs within 15 miles …. And we have a lot of soccer clubs in this part of the country! Talented team members – check; Knowledgeable coaches – check; Decent practice facilities – check; Coaches who are supportive and positive with athletes – check; Cost – check; Location(s) – check; Street reputation of club and management – check; Focus on technical skills and development – check; Opportunity to play different positions/roles – check; Culture of sportsmanship by coaches, athletes AND parents – check; Supportive of a multi-sport athlete – check; …… and much more …

None of these things by themselves are unique to the Hawks. In fact in our rankings, the club did not score the top spot in every (or even most categories), though finishing in the top 3 in just about all of them. What made us pick this club was the ‘overall package’ – looking at the big picture which factored in all our criteria, this club stood out above others.

Since joining the club, our daughter has really enjoyed learning and growing under the tutelage of good coaches, and the peerless guidance of the club director of coaching. There have been successes like seeing her team(s) consistently  improve against competition, bringing home the occasional hardware, getting selected to the state ODP team etc. However the greatest surprise/change we saw was in a completely unexpected area. Her time with the Hawks has seen her grow in self confidence, self esteem, improved her problem solving and communication skills AT SCHOOL !!! We see a corresponding positive trend in grades, class engagement and participation, collaborative school projects, leadership qualities, supporting and helping those around her, and a love of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

So, if, like me, you are a parent of a young son or daughter, and looking for the best vehicle to nurture and develop their potential, perhaps you need look no further than the St. Louis Hawks FC. This one is a keeper.



As a parent of two children in the Hawks, we watch a lot of soccer: endless practices and games are a fun part of our lives with our kids.  We're like any other parents I'd say.  Yes an Olympic gold medal or pro contract would be fun - but what we really want for our kids is much more attainable.  I want them to have excellent skills. I want them to play the game really well, and even more importantly with confidence.  I want them to learn life lessons on the field - determination, strength, persistence, humility, and self-esteem - because I know this will spill into the rest of their lives.  And with coaches to guide them through this, who mirror my values while leading my kids, their ability to grow through teamwork will only help them in every other facet of life.

We continue with the Hawks because Jeff and his team show us all these things.  Because they believe in the individuality and ability of each player.  Because they've got their priorities in line while coaching great soccer players.



My daughter is loving her time as a Hawk!  You do a fabulous job of keeping the kids engaged and having fun while learning the essentials of soccer! It's wonderful how you make sure they are never idle and waiting around. 

Have fun on Saturday and we will see you Monday! 
Thanks again, 



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