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Why St. Louis Hawks FC?


St. Louis Hawks FC is a select soccer club located in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our objective is to develop members of the club and help them to maximize their potential as players, young people and future role models. They will learn the importance of DESIRE, DEDICATION and DISCIPLINE as they have FUN learning to play “The Beautiful Game”. Our vision is to produce players and teams that have an exceptional technical foundation, one that will allow them to continually grow tactically, be confident, competitive, and experience success. Our mission is to maximize the potential of every soccer player and every team that is part of our Club, while addressing all elements of the game: technical, tactical, physical and psychological. We will share our love and passion for the game, hoping to pass this on to the players. This will all be done in a safe environment, one that will allow players to be creative, experiment, and learn without fear of making mistakes. The development of people and players is our number one objective.


St. Louis Hawks FC’s number one concern is player development. The ultimate goal of our club is to develop players so they can go on to the next level of the game, high school, Olympic Developmental Program, US Soccer Developmental Academy, college and the professional level. We have a commitment to our players to put them in an environment that is challenging and will constantly test their abilities. As players mature it is important to move them up to ensure that they are constantly challenged at their own individual level. All of these challenges must be kept within a fun yet demanding environment. Technical, tactical, psychological and physical aspects of the game will all be taught within the structure of the club’s curriculum.

Player Conduct

Remember that each player is representing ST. LOUIS HAWKS FC, their family and themselves on and off the field. Show respect to your coaches, teammates and referees. We want the highest quality people associated with our program.

Commitment and Attendance

Nulla Si Fa Senza Volonta! – Without commitment, nothing gets done! Playing for the St. Louis Hawks FC requires a commitment by both the parents and the players. We expect that the parents will be committed to getting their child to training two days per week and to all league matches. We understand that periodically there will be something that comes up and a player will need to miss an event. If it is training they are missing, we expect them to make every effort to make up that session with a different team. The parents need to communicate this absence to the manager and coach at least 24 hours prior to the miss. If a player has to miss a match, they need to notify the manager and coach at least one week prior to the match so that the coach can make plans to have their spot filled. In order for the girls to develop, they must be in attendance. They owe it to themselves, to their teammates, to the coaches and to the club. If a player misses more than 10% of training through the course of a season, playing time may be compromised. In order for the kids to develop, they must be in attendance. They owe it to themselves, to their teammates, to the coaches and to the club. The Club strongly encourages that each player try to make at least 90% of all training sessions. At every training or practice, ST. LOUIS HAWKS FC players are required to wear their RED training jersey and black shorts. Players will be prepared with the proper equipment and training uniform and be ready to do their best at all practices. It is important to show up for trainings on time and be ready to play when practice begins.


St. Louis Hawks FC coaches will prepare and provide an organized approach to training. Coaches will work to develop the “whole” soccer player by providing age-appropriate technical and tactical training. St. Louis Hawks FC coaches also commit to continue their coaching education through courses, conferences and other educational materials and opportunities.

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